Friday, May 3, 2013

2003 Jeep Rubicon Ocean Lifeguard Unit

I wanted to build a model of a Lifeguard unit that you might see on a beach somewhere. My first thoughts were of the lifeguard rigs on the TV show Baywatch. There were other cool things to check out besides watching Pamela Anderson run down the beach in that red bathing suit! I noticed these cool looking rigs on the beach. This Jeep Rubicon Ocean Lifeguard Unit is my version of one of those rigs you might find here on the East Coast beaches using the Jeep Rubicon as the basis for the build. This has turned out to be one of my favorite models. It was so much fun to build! 

The starting point was Revell's Lara Croft Tomb Raider Jeep Rubicon.
(A full plastic version of this kit will be coming soon!)

The rear seat was left out and a treadplate floor covered with Bare Metal Foil was added. The kit off-road lights were cut down from four lights to three and turned into an emergency light and mounted to the hood. That turned out pretty cool.

I started by scratchbuilding a new roll cage using Plaststruct tubing. Then various accessories were added such as a resin surfboard, flippers, stokes basket,whip antenna and radio.

I found the decals and some of lifeguard accesories in this kit that I purchased on ebay. It only cost me $3.00. When I received it there truck wasn't in it. I contacted the seller and he ended up sending my money and told me to keep the kit. What a bargin!

Great looking surfboard from my friend Norm Veber at Replica & Miniatures Company of Maryland. I've been told that the only missing is a scale version of Pamela Anderson!

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